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December 17 2011
El tiempo ha venido (the time has come) [
[ mood | nervous ]

This is definitely not a sign of paranoia. Who really wants the people they know in real life reading their lj? Thus...
by arobynsung

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July 31 2009
Fandom Features! [
[ mood | giddy ]

So, according to this source, TwiCon Breaking News: Stephenie Meyer to Have Her Own Comic Book.

The creative force behind The Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer has been selected for membership into a very exclusive club. Joining the ranks of Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Princess Diana, Meyer will be immortalized in the comic book series Female Force.

Bluewater Productions, the publisher behind the Female Force series, aims for the comics to offer "a broad examination of strong and influential women who are shaping modern history and culture." Stephenie Meyer's comic book treatment will "tell her story in a very fun, respectful, and unique way," says Bluewater's President Darren G. Davis.

What this world is coming to, I don't know. This warrants an epic ONTD. What's shameful is that they announce this on JKR/Harry's birthday of all days.

With pleasure I present to you Blogging Twilight. One of the Sparknotes editors is cringingly reading the entire series but making it worthwhile with hilarious commentary. This way you have the delight of being extra well-informed so as to partake in the criticisms without the taxing burden of having to actually read Stephenie Meyer's work. I promise you laughs.

Speaking of properly honouring Harry Potter, I watched A Very Potter Musical. I honestly can't believe I lived three weeks without knowing about it. Not only is this play brilliant but it has Broadway potential. AVPM reaffirmed my love of Draco and had me genuinely bursting with laughter. It's too good to spoil but I can say that I hope the soundtrack does come to light. Oh, now I'll have to find icons referencing AVPM.

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June 25 2009
For Serious? [
There we have it. If it's one person the world will break the internet for, it's MJ the Legend.

I'm not sad, but I am stunned that King of Pop died at 50. Rather young with what was to be an epic tour ahead.

I heard about the cardiac arrest first, and my mum went "Imagine if MJ died" to which I responded "That would be so wrong. It would induce mass hysteria". My mother is a terribly inconvenient prophet.

As an avid music listener, I just wanna say I WANT MY ICON BACK.

P.S. I REALLY want Glambert to make an icon of himself someday for my generation because no one else will restore our already non-existent standards of popular music at the rate we're going.

January 16 2009
Hell Froze Over [
[ mood | tired ] least according to the t-shirts that they're now selling in Reynolds. Then the following thought occurred to me: UChicagoans are an *uncommon* brand of intense. It is one thing to deal with the academics for which we wallow in hellish misery, but now we must put up with the subzero weather, as low as -11°F with a record windchill factor of -30°F while walking to be precise. Basically, I vow never to complain about 30° weather again.

It feels like such a hardcore game of survival. On the bright side, this phenomenon endows us with amazing bragging rights. So Hell does indeed freeze over in case you were wondering.

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September 18 2008
Packing in Progress [
[ mood | excited ]

Who hates the new facebook? ~raises hand~ The html-savvy me figured there had to be a link manipulation to preserve the old facebook and here it is:

It works like a charm and there's no need to deal with the organisational atrocity Facebook labelled "change". I hate how the wall imposingly clutters most of the page and how the wall itself combines my mini-feed with others' wall posts. Not to mention how my friends are all grouped together with no school network distinction and groups are not automatically viewable. As epicrauko pointed out when I visited Lville on Saturday, my peevish rant had INTJ stamped all over me.

Packing is currently under way as I spend my last night in this bloody flat for a good while. As it turned out, my aunt's officious nature in combination with the firm bond she developed with the Mendez family helped us secure a joint road trip with them. We're pitching in for gas and a car extension storage space of sorts. Tomorrow (or rather this) morning is take-off; we shall be making a pit stop in Cleveland! From there we'll drive straight to Chicago and arrive a day early.

My mum and I spent the late afternoon/evening in Manhattan so I could finally buy the digicam I've been yearning for. I didn't have any specific brand in mind so we wandered a bit until we found Circuit City and Best Buy. Before that though we made a detour to Staples for an icy pink wireless mouse (meet your nemesis, carpal tunnel) and an even more awesome detour to Kinokuniya without trying to find it! The Japanese influence was noticeable and I thought this place could be a great resource as an East Asian Studies major. The second floor carried the usual range of mangas, subtitled dramas, imported cds (Hikki, I'd be willing to endorse you if Japanese cds weren't so miffingly pricey T_T), and yes, real Lolita girls.

I finally decided on a Nikon Coolpix camera from Circuit City but not before noticing the Buddhist monks in Best Buy. I had no idea what they were doing there, but they were clad in their distinct and very pronounced orange-red robes while checking out electronics.

My mum and I also made sure to go to Chinatown for our fix of bubble tea, and primarily so I could purchase a rice cooker which I plan to, ahem, sneak into B-J. The upperclassmen were pretty unabashed in telling us how they keep coffee makers and George Foreman grills in their rooms without disciplinary repercussions. Rice is a staple in my household and will undoubtedly continue as a form of serious sustenance since the campus dining halls don't offer Saturday dinner and I can't afford to be eating out every weekend. I also discovered and bought Brazilian pudding-flavoured pocky to my delight. Glico will not stop until they've simulated every palpable flavour known to man, will they?

I had an appointment with a specialist on Monday so I can be on my jolly and merry way towards a very enlightening diagnosis. I was ready to stage a formidable front against the doctor if he thought otherwise to my medical theory. However, a wave of relief swept over me when I heard him agree because of the signature symptoms I exhibited. So, I had to return the next day for my blood test and I should be hearing the results in two weeks.

I met on Tuesday with Melanie as well. Facebook helpfully allowed me to discover a rising second-year UChi student from Newark. She's a Peruvian girl living in the Vailsburg neighbourhood, a fair distance from the Ironbound but remarkable nonetheless that Brick City has produced another UChicagoan. I know of a Nicholas Johnson who went through SEEDS like I did, but I haven't initiated contact with him. In Melanie I see plenty of the urban tendencies (the intonations and attitude) I clung to during my freshman year at Lville yet we clicked really well. We met up at the Penn Station bookstore and had lunch in Hamburgão. She was equally impressed that someone from Newark would be in the incoming class since she would always ask OMSA (Office of Multi-cultural Student Affairs) in slighted hope if there were any applicants from her hometown. Still, it didn't surprise her too much that I didn't go through the Newark public school system for high school. She graduated as valedictorian from University High, but even so, I sensed I'd be the one coming in with the superior academic background. Oh, prep school of mine, I owe you one. The conversation flowed that Melanie walked me home as we talked, and I parted with a faint longing for more questions.

Well, wish me luck. College, here I come.

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